Worth the wait in the end
My experience with Adam and Cameron was an absolute roller coaster to be honest and could have been made shorter in retrospect if both sides could have came to terms sooner instead of me ending up at the dealership all day negotiating and haggling a fair deal and missing out on sleep(I work night shift) because in the beginning they did not want to offer me a fair price for my trade in and valued it at the stock price without upgrades and were unwilling to come down off a price on the bike that I wanted after trying to upsell me (I know its part of the job) on a bike that I didnt come to the dealership to see instead of the one I traveled to see. After some intense back and forth and admitting that the price on the bike was marked a smidge high due to them overpaying for it on a trade in in the past we were able to come to terms that we could both agree upon and get me on the bike that best fit my wants needs and I appreciate them coming around to be able to work with my wants and needs better than the start and being able to redeem the sales experience so that I left happy and on the bike I wanted. Will be back to shop with them more!!! (Employee: Adam Smith, Cameron Lang)
Mason Godby
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